You've heard of running myths. You know them all too well; some might even be your running demons. But what are these running myths? And how do they get into our heads in the first place? Let me tell you about five running tales and debunk a few for good measure!

Running Is Too Expensive

This running myth comes from the idea that running costs more than other forms of exercise, but this isn't true! There are tons of ways people can save money when they start running, whether by going on early morning runs so they don't have to pay parking meter fees or simply buying used shoes off eBay instead, which saves them about 50% right away. Learn how you could make the switch today without breaking the bank.

Running Isn't Fun

This running myth might come from people who think they're running because it's a form of exercise but are running to escape their true feelings, much like those who smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol excessively, or even overeat! 

These forms of "addictions" are usually more destructive and lead to endangering our health, so there's no wonder why some would see running as not fun when this isn't its real intention at all. In reality, we should be running simply for enjoyment, and that means finding the right kind of activity that we enjoy doing most (whether it has anything to do

You Need To Run Fast

This running myth probably comes from the idea that running faster will help us lose weight. Sure, running fast can make you burn more calories than running slow, but it's not a guarantee and doesn't always mean your body compositions are going to change accordingly either. Again, this is because running isn't meant solely for fitness but mental health benefits like stress relief! 

Another reason this might have come about is our competitive culture where people don't want to be "left behind." Hence, they try to run as quickly as possible even if their bodies aren't ready for it just yet, which skyrockets injury rates (see above). In general, slower speeds in most cases mean better form, which equals running myths that running fast is the only way to go.

Running in the Heat Is a Bad Idea

Nope, this running myth comes from a time when people didn't have access to air conditioning while running and thus would need to cool down after they finished their run by taking showers or baths, which could lead them to get sick (due to hygiene), among other things.

Nowadays, it's much easier since we can take advantage of all sorts of different water fountains on our runs, as well as ice-cold gels at any convenience stores that pop up along the wayside! It might be challenging for some runners in hotter climates, but plenty of others enjoy running even more during these warmer weathers like summer running.

Running Is Bad For Your Heart

This running myth is a result of running seen as an extreme form of exercise and because it can sometimes make people feel like they're out of breath or their heart rate has gone up too high to be safe, which can lead them to feel scared to stop running altogether. In reality, running is good for the heart as long as you're not overdoing it! Running has been proven to lower cholesterol levels which can lead to coronary artery disease (heart attacks) in the future-- all while increasing your life expectancy.

Final Thoughts

Running myths are just that, myths. Put these running misconceptions to bed and get out there for a run! Running is a physical activity that requires cardiovascular fitness and endurance training to perform successfully.

Running isn't an easy feat for anyone, even those who have been doing it their whole life! While there may be some exceptions with certain people, running is beneficial for everyone most of the time. Don't let your doubts get in the way of what could potentially become one of your favorite hobbies ever.