Are you looking for a new challenge? This 30-day running challenge is the perfect blog post for you. We will share with you different running challenges that are all designed to be completed in 30 days. If you’re feeling like your fitness routine could use some variety, this article is just what the doctor ordered!

Monday Mile Madness

You can also mix it up by doing races during the weekend (for example, holding off on Saturday’s race until Sunday). The great thing about this is there are no rules so whatever you need to do, you can adjust the challenge and make it work for your schedule.

30-day streak challenge

Ninja challenge

Treadmill Ten

List of tips and challenges to try out

  • Run for an hour at a time, once per week
  • Pick one of your favorite running routes and run it ten times
  • Take two minute breaks between each mile you run during that first month.
  • Wear the same pair of shoes or socks while running to help ward off foot fungus (or wear shoes that wick away moisture)
  • Run outside whenever possible, but if you must run on a treadmill or inside track for some reason then wear socks to help keep the sweat from coming into contact with your feet.
  • Find other marathoners who are in training and ask them how long they’ve been running and how soon their race is to share strategies and ideas.
  • Try running a local race at the end of your 30 day challenge to reward yourself for making it through or find another form of physical activity that you enjoy as much as running!
  • Find an app like Runtastic which tracks your distance, time, calories burned, etc. so that you can better monitor your progress.
  • Make sure to eat a healthy breakfast before running and then have some protein afterwards
  • Drink plenty of water during the day, but try not to drink any fluids or food while you’re actually running (you can always bring them out for when you finish!)
  • Join an online community like Reddit’s r/running to learn from the people who are doing what you want to do!
  • Visit a running store and ask for their advice on shoes, gear, apparel, etc. without being pressured into buying anything (you may find some great deals here!)
  • Make sure to take at least one day off per week so that your body has time to recover!

Final Thoughts